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Beau Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

First time parents are so fun for me to work with. Your heart only grows in love when you have multiple children, but there is just something extra special about that first baby. And it shows in the faces of first time parents. The Rockwoods are those first time parents and I loved capturing the love that radiated from them for their son Beau.

Amy and Blake have been married for 3 years and together for 10! She is a property manager and he does IT for an internet company. They are a very laid back couple that enjoy being at home. They love to work on home projects at their new homestead and they enjoy spending time with their family and friends.

Beau is the newest member of the Rockwood Family. He was born with a head full of hair which really shocked his parents since they were both bald babies. He was not shy and kept opening his eyes during our photoshoot. This was especially fun for me because most newborns don't open their eyes often during our photoshoots, so I loved capturing his beautiful big eyes as well as his sleepy side. Beau has the tiniest little frame and the tiniest features to match. He was perfect from head to toe and I am thrilled that his parents did a milestone package so that I will get to photograph Beau when he is 6 months and one year old!

When I asked Amy what she wanted to remember about this new stage of her life she answered that she didn't want to forget how tiny Beau is and all of the hair he came into the world with! She mentioned that she felt like he had already changed so much. I say it all the time, but that is part of the reason I love my job. I get to capture those moments that are so fleeting before they are totally forgotten.

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