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ChenChen & Artavazd Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

One word for this session: WHIRLWIND. ChenChen and Artavazd along with their kiddos deserve an award for sticking through this crazy, whirlwind of a night. To start, it rained on and off all night of our mini session. Because this was a mini session, I had another session before them with Wilkerson family. When I showed up to the location with the Wilkersons, we found life flight team, two ambulances, search and rescue, and a ton of people with horses were there. Someone had been injured and they were helping them get off the trail and back down to the valley and to the hospital. Due to all the commotion, my mini sessions started 30 minutes late. So when ChenChen and Artavazd arrived with their family, we were pushing what little daylight was left, but it still worked out perfectly and they were so patient and their kids were absolute angels.

ChenChen and Artavazd met in Madison, Wisconsin several years ago while ChenChen was doing her undergrad. ChenChen is origianally from China and came to the United States 7 years ago. She is just finishing up her last year of law school at the University of Utah. Artavazd is from Moscow, Russia and he is a researcher in Chemistry at Utah State University. They have been married for 3 years and have the two cutest kiddos. Victoria, age 2, and Boris who is 8 months old. Victoria is a classic 2 year old that loves Baby Shark and has a little bit of stranger danger. But she still gave me some pretty adorable smiles so I'd like to think I won her over! Boris was a fun baby that couldn't take his eyes of his sister. It was pretty sweet watching the two kiddos interact and love on each other during our session. ChenChen said it best when she told me that in this stage of her life she wants to remember how fortunate their family is to stay together and spend so much time with one another.

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