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Jardine Juniper Loop - Locations - Logan, Utah Photographer

The Jardine Juniper Loop can easily be described in one word: WOW. You will not regret choosing this location for your photo shoot. The Jardine Juniper Loop is versatile offering gorgeous views of both the mountain and trees. And not just any trees, but white aspens!

I recently discovered Jardine Juniper Loop so I have only done fall photo shoots there, but I am sure it must be equally beautiful in the spring and summer when it is all green. In the fall, the white aspens have every color to offer. The white trees with their green, orange, yellow, and red leaves are complimented by the golden grass and together the colors make a magical scene. If you are eager for the fall colors, it’s best to schedule your session before the end of September because the colors are gone before October arrives.

The Jardine Juniper Loop is also child friendly thanks to the outhouse style bathroom. There is no cell service at the location so it‘s best to have the map already pulled up before hand. The drive takes about 25 minutes from the north Walmart and it’s best to start your session 2 hours before sunset.

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