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Maggie Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Any parent with multiple children will tell you that your love only multiplies with each child. I agree. I have two kids and my heart only grew bigger and my love only multiplied when my second was born. With that being said, there is something that is always truly special about your first child. You spend the most time with them one-on-one and you really get to know them. They make you feel all the overwhelming feelings of a new parent and that's just something you can never forget. My latest newborn session is her parents first child. Her name is Maggie Lynn and she is perfect. And her mom Brandi told me that something she wants to remember about this stage is the overwhelming love she has for this new little life that has entered into my home. Like I said, there is just something really special about your first baby.

Brandi and her husband Justin have been married for 2.5 years. He works for Hill Air Force Base as an electrical engineer. Brandi graduated with a degree in biological engineering. Can you say smartest couple ever? Maggie is bound to be the smartest little girl! Together Brandi and Justin love to travel, golf, bowl, and spend all their time together. Separately, Justin loves to powerlifting and play disc golf and Brandi enjoys reading, watching Netflix and her newest hobby is spending as much time as possible with her new little girl. Overall, they are one really laid back couple that is very go with the flow!

And do you know what two laid back parents produce? A really laid back and easy going daughter! Maggie was such a dream to work with. She was born 3 weeks early and was honestly just the tiniest, sweetest, cutest, little girl. She slept like an angel and had the cutest little pout in some of her photos. She was a darling and I loved getting to work with her and Brandi and Justin!

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