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Remi Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I will never get over the dreamy newborn sessions I get to do in my home studio. I love getting to meet new people, new parents, cute kids, and fun families. The Mendenhill’s are the most recent cute family I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing and I absolutely adored them.

Ashely and Trevor are the sweetest couple. They have been married for nine years and now have three beautiful children—two girls and one boy. Trevor is an airline pilot and loves to be in the outdoors. When he isn’t flying an aircraft, you can find him snowmobiling, hiking, or mountain biking. If Ashely gets to join him outside, they are usually camping or boating. Ashely is an orthodontic assistant and has the beautiful smile all her clients are seeking. After 11 years, Ashely sees the end of her orthodontic assistant career coming to an end soon. A bittersweet choice, but she will be the best stay at home mom to her three beautiful kids!

Ashely and Trevor’s newest addition, and their first daughter, is named Remi. She has the pettiest dark brown hair like her dad and the cutest button nose. She slept like an angel during her first big photoshoot and enjoyed being passed around by her family. She is adored by all, but her big brothers swooned over her the most!

Kanon is 3 years old and the newest big brother in the family. He is sweet and shy, but also chatty and outgoing and so much fun. He has an imagination that shows his age and my wish for him is that he never loses that. He love dinosaurs and trucks and the great outdoors just like his parents. If it wasn’t for his new little sister, Kanon’s eyes might have stolen the whole show. The blue eyes and his bright blonde, practically white hair, are the cutest combination and had me swooning over him while he swooned over Remi!

Mason in the veteran brother of the family and is 7 years old. This fall he will be in first grade and he will be a friend to all he meets. He is a little shy like Kanon, but makes friends with ease thanks to his warm smile. Mason is another outdoor lover, but his big interest is in sports. He has been the best big brother for four years already and is carrying that over into the love he has for his new little sister. Oldest children have an intuitive way of caring for all those after them and Mason is no exception to truth.

I love all my newborn sessions, but I especially love session that have big brothers or sisters. It’s always special to see the love a parent has for their newborn, but there is something indescribable about watching big siblings dote on the newest member of the family and love them so undeniably. The Medenhill Family reminded me that kids really, really love having a sibling no matter how hard the transition can be!

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