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The Hallady Family - Logan, Utah Photographer

There are two types of couples that match together. Some couples have almost identical personalities and interests and some couples are complete opposites but compliment each other perfectly. The latter describes Stacy and Lance. Stacy describes herself as a little more high stress and organized while describing Lance as laid back, fun, and easy going. Two people with different strengths, but they compliment each other well. Stacy and Lance have been married for 14 years and the joy of their lives are their four kids.

Stacy and Lance have one daughter, Brynlee, and three sons, Hudson, Porter, and Rock. Brynlee is the oldest and like a little mother to her three little brothers. She has the most beautiful blonde hair and is too cute for her own good! Hudson is a momma's boy through and through and he has the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes. Porter is easy going, has the cutest freckles, and wants to be just like his big brother Hudson. Rock is the baby of the family. He is so sweet and has the cutest little dimple and one of the best smiles. All four kids adore their parents and have so much fun with them.

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