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Hi! I'm Janalee Berentzen. (Jan-uh-lee Bear-in-son)

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

10. I am OBSESSED with the lines on a freshly mowed lawn. Can we talk about how INCREDIBLE they look when they all go the same way?!?

9. I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth. Rice Krispies are my weakness! So are Dove Dark Chocolate & Mint Swirls. 

8. I LOVE to pick the chunks out of ice cream. They are hands down the best part. My hubby doesn't particularly care for this trait of mine :)

7. I am a TERRIBLE speller!!

6. I overuse CAPITAL letters and exclamation marks because I get REALLY excited about things!!!

5. I hate being cold. I will take a hot day over a freezing one ANY time!

4. I am a Registered Nurse, and am still practicing.

3. I usually lose the debates with my kids about what time bedtime is. I think it is 8pm. They think it is never. We usually compromise for 9pm.

2. I actually really like home renovation stuff. I currently have big plans to gut our home. Thanks COVID for letting me spend lots of time there and really analyze everything. Now to convince my hubby they are "essential" updates. Spoiler alert. They aren't. 


1. I have the best husband and greatest two kids. We like to go on adventures, which usually means surviving bedtime, going on bike rides, or catching butterflies in our back field. We don't always agree, and we sometimes fight, but at the end of the day we love and laugh and make memories.  

I am based in Logan, Utah, and will also travel.

Thanks for taking a minute to start getting to know me. Contact me here so I can get to know you too. 



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