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What is included in a Family Session?

Great question!!

With all my sessions I deliver all the best images, so you aren't limited to a certain number of pictures. They are all beautifully edited and ready for you to enjoy and save forever. 


I deliver your gallery online within three weeks from your session.  You can download web sized and high resolution unlimitedly. 

A typical family session with me involves lots of bad jokes from me, lots of laughing, being silly, and getting great smiles! 

I LOVE to play games and incorporate them into EVERY session to help things feel fluid and natural. 

In every family session I get beautiful individual pictures of every child, all the siblings together, gorgeous pictures of mom and dad, and of course the family picture! We can and do have different configurations of parents with children and capture moments where everyone is looking and smiling at the camera, and moments where you are interacting and being your authentic selves. 

Sessions last up to 1 hour and start at $400 in Cache Valley.

I offer expanding family sessions and extended family sessions.


Expanding family sessions have 1-2 significant others and up to 4 grandchildren. Expanding family sessions start at $500 in Cache Valley.

Extended family sessions have 3+ significant others and/or  5+ grandchildren. Expanding family sessions start at $700 in Cache Valley.

Both Expanding and Extended family sessions are delivered within four weeks from your session.

I do travel outside of Cache Valley, travel fees do apply.

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