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Wilkerson Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I love fall. I love the weather and the holidays and I really love the color on the trees. Unfortunately, the look of fall doesn't last long enough. You get a few really good weeks of those beautiful reds and yellows and oranges. Luckily, my session with the Wilkerson Family had a beautiful fall background that I can't stop obsessing over!

Krystal and Royce have three really darling kids. Their oldest, Elaina, is 10. She was pretty shy at the beginning of the session, but she warmed up to me and showed me her true self. She loves all the girly things as well as school and soccer. Logan is the middle child and he is all boy! Like his big sister, he loves soccer and he also loves basketball, reading and playing with his little brother Gabriel. The two boys adored each other and seemed to have the best brother relationship! Gabriel is 2.5 and although he didn't give me many smiles, he was so sweet! It was obvious he loves his family and was really attached to his big siblings and parents.

Royce and Krystal had their 12 year wedding anniversary n September. Krystal described them as a couple that loves a little bit of everything. They love the outdoors, nights in, trying new foods and eating out, watching sports, and traveling. Let's just agree that they like to dip their toes into just about everything together. And I'll be the first to say, that is SO FUN. Like most parents, they adore their kids and Krystal says that she wants to remember these perfect ages of their children—the joy, the fun, the youthfulness, and the playfulness of each one is enough to bring any momma to tears!

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