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Casper Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Sometimes the stars align and things just work out!! I have known Jordan for quite a while now!! She is the amazing force behind the scenes helping to keep my website pictures updated and keep my blog posts fresh. I am SO lucky to have her on my team!!

She had her second beautiful baby 2 months before our session. Living about 3 hours away from me, we had never actually met in person. We didn’t get together for new newborn pictures, but I was OVER THE MOON when she reached out about a lifestyle newborn session!

We meet in a studio in Cottonwood Heights and I FINALLY got to meet this cute girl whom I’ve talked with and texted a million times over the last few years!! She is just as incredible in person as I knew she would be!!

I know you are thinking, who is good enough to hang with Jordan and give her such amazing boys? Tanner. He is a finance analyst for Northrop Grumman. He has an incredibly bold personality and can carry a conversation with anyone. There is no beating around the bush with him—he just says what he is thinking which was really hard for her to get used to in the beginning, but since being married to her, he’s reigned it in just a little bit! Haha.

The cute baby James was 2 months at our session. Jordan says James is the complete opposite of his brother. He is a very calm baby. The only complaint they have is that he has developed some pretty bad reflux so if you feed him and lay him down too soon, he screams his head off. And he spits up a lot no matter what. Other than that, they can’t complain. He only wakes up once a night and is always content to just be wherever with whom ever! It sounds odd, but her favorite thing about James is his round face and chunky cheeks. He is the spitting image of his dad at that age!

Her oldest, William, became my buddy pretty quick. He is the sweetest boy and is the best toddler. He really loves Paw Patrol, dinosaurs, trucks/cars, and tractors. He even brought the COOLEST RC car with him to the shoot!! It was so fun!! Jordan says at home, he is always on the move and runs almost everywhere he goes. He is always looking for ways to help and in return all he wants is someone to play with him and read him books. He has had a REALLY hard time with the transition of a new baby and attaches himself to any adult that comes around (I’m still just saying he loves me because I’m so cool ). You can tell he loves his little brother. His favorite thing about his brother is his tiny hands and feet! He’s often saying “aww, look at his little hands/feet. They’re so cute!” I love it. Jordan is absolutely in love with William’s big smile, and I couldn’t agree more!!

As you might imagine with two boys, this family loves being out and on the go!! They love taking William to the park on warm days and enjoying Thanksgiving Point year round.Or evening heading to Costco and just walk around (Samples!!!) There is always something to be purchased at Costco!

Since little boys won’t stop growing up, Jordan wants to remember how little her kids are and how they grow so fast!!! Before having James, everything about William seemed so tiny! When James came home from the hospital, William suddenly looked huge!

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