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Jess Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

When you come from a big family, changes can come quickly and before you know it, you have several new member additions! The Jess Family hasn't had family photos taken in five years and since that time, they have added quite a few members to the family. As a mom of my own two kids, I never want to miss a stage and I'm glad for photos that can capture age, looks, and memories so perfectly. That's one of the big reasons I love doing photography—I'm capturing memories for people so they can look back and remember the times that don't last forever. I get so excited when families contact me so that we can capture those memories for them!

The original Jess family was mom, Liz, and dad, Rob, and their five children. Liz and Rob are high school sweethearts that have been married for forty years. Over the years, four of their children have gotten married and Liz and Rob now have nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Together they all make a really big, really wonderful family!

Melissa is the oldest of the Jess siblings and the only girl among her siblings. She and her husband, John, have five beautiful children together ranging from ages 11-21. They are the proud, relatively new grandparents to a sweet 11 month old girl.

The second oldest, Ryan and his wife, Sara, have two little ones ages 6 and 4. They are the cutest little blondies!

Richard, the third child, and his wife Heidi have one sweet little girl with a baby boy due August.

Tyson is the fourth Jess sibling and the world's best uncle to his nieces and nephews.

The youngest Jess sibling is Logan. He is married to McKenzie and together they have a sweet two year old daughter. They are also pregnant with a little boy that is due in July. All five of the Jess siblings are so kind and wonderful. And their little ones were so fun to work with. I love having such wonderful clients!

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