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Duncan Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

There are not enough words or good enough things that can be said about the Duncan Family. I have absolutely adored them since I took their family photos two years ago. I was thrilled to get to take their photos again this year and it was so fun to see them! Two years ago they had just had a son return from his mission and there were no grand babies in the family. This year almost all of their children are married and there are two grand babies for everyone to love on.

Janet and Rob, mom and dad, have been married for 30 years. Janet has this incredible way of making everyone around her feel amazing and loved and that quality has shows in each one of her family members.

Their oldest child, Tanner, and his wife Ally have an adorable 2 year old named Nash. He is a full on two year old that is so funny and fun to be around.

Nathan is the second Duncan child and is lucky enough to be married to his beautiful wife Janet. They have two angel babies and one year old name Theodore, Teddy for short. One par for a one year old, he loves to move and be watching people around him. Janet says Teddy is just like his father because he wants to be able to do what the adults are doing, but he's only a baby and it's so frustrating!

The third child is Garrett and he is married to Rachel. They are an adorable couple and so fun to be around!

The youngest of the brothers and the youngest of the Duncan children is Ben. He is 22 and just like his three older bothers, he is so kind.

The Duncan Family is an absolute favorite of mine. They are such an example of understanding and generosity within their family and with others. I'm so glad I was able to capture this time of their life for them so that they can remember these transitional times in their lives.

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