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Crane Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

There is something really fun about taking photos for a fellow photographer. As a mom of two and a photographer myself, I know how difficult it can be to find yourself in front of the camera instead of behind it. Which is the main reason I love to photograph other photographers; I want them to have memories with their family that they can look back on and know that they were there because they were in the photos and not taking them!

Rachel and Michael have been together for married for 20 years. TWENTY YEARS. Together they have five incredible kids—four girls and one boy. Rachel told me that when they're not just tired and at home relaxing (I relate so much to this) that their family loves to be outside hiking and walking and enjoying the outdoors.

Bridget and Holly are the youngest Crane children. They are 8 year old twins (so fun!) and have really fun personalities. Bridget is as sweet as they come and Holly can be full of sass and fun. Their older sister, Megan, also has a lot of spunk. She loves sports and being with her friends, so basically she's becoming a teenager! Nathaniel is the only boy in his family and does really well holding his own with a family full of sisters. He is funny and confident and loves to be outside. The oldest Crane child is Evelyn. She is kind and gentle and a true delight to be around.

Evelyn is starting her senior year of high school and Rachel and Michael can feel that their days of everyone being at home and close together are quickly coming to a close. It was so fun to be able to capture their family love and give them these memories of the days when they were all under the same roof.

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