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Elisa and Thiago Maternity Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

It's no secret that woman who are pregnant radiate beauty. Elisa is no exception to the rule. She radiated the pregnancy glow that people are always talking about. I'm not sure if it was the morning light coming through the window, her outfit choices, or the natural way she posed for photos (probably a combination of all three!), but Elisa looked stunning in every photo. I'm convinced she can't take a bad photo. She exceeded anything I was hoping for during this session.

Elisa and her husband, Thiago, already have one beautiful daughter named Mila. She is 17 months old and already radiates the same beauty her mother does. She has the most piercing blue eyes that captivated me from the moment I saw them. And just like her mother, she was a natural in front of the camera and wasn't shy about wanting to be in the photos!

Thiago impressed me with how caring he was towards Mila and Elisa. It was clear to me just how much he adored his girls and I know that baby girl on the way will be just as loved. From the short amount of time I spent with the family I could tell that Thiago is an amazing dad. The way he interacted with Mila was really cute and so fun to watch. There is something special about the bond between a dad and his little girl and now he will get to have that twice.

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