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Ward Maternity Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

As a photographer I get to do a lot of different types of sessions. If you've been around here before you know that family sessions and newborn sessions are what I get to do the most, but occasionally I get to do a maternity session and I always LOVE them. So please, if you're looking to do maternity photos before your little one arrives, I am your girl!

The most recent maternity session I did was with Amanda and Derek. As people they were amazing and as a couple they were darling. During our session they spent so much time laughing together and with me. There wasn't a dull moment the entire time. They are expecting their first baby at the beginning of November and it's a girl! Amanda brought a 3D ultrasound to our session which was so sweet, but to add to the sweetness, she also brought the most beautiful dainty bracelet with Baby Girl's name on it. I'll let you see for yourself what darling name they picked out for their little girl.

One of the only good things to come from Covid was that many people now get to work from home. Derek is one of those lucky people. He works from the comfort of his own home in computer software. At the time of our session they were in the process of moving to a new home and I have to applaud Amanda for being very pregnant and still packing, moving, and unpacking. Of course she has the best help from Derek, but still, moving is a lot of work when you're not pregnant let alone when you are. They are a power couple who will make the very best parents to Baby Girl Ward who will hopefully be making her appearance soon! They are really looking forward to meeting their bundle of joy and if I'm being honest, so am I. Check back to see Baby Ward when she arrives. I just know she will be the most beautiful and blessed little girl.

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