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Ella Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

When I met Ella and had her in my studio, she was already a month old. It always makes me a little nervous to have older babies for newborn shoots (I'm never sure how well they will sleep), but Ella did so well. As it turns out, she is the sweetest, happiest and most calm little baby. Her mom says that she only cries if she needs something and once she gets it, she goes back to being her content self. (I know, all you mom's that have had hard babies are cursing under your breath...some people just have all the luck!). Ella has the sweetest feature including her wispy blonde hair, tiny nose, and the cutest little smile you will ever see.

Ella's parents are such fun people! They love the outdoors and fitness which means that Ella is going to spend a lot of time in nature. They like to go hiking and camping and boating and now that they have little Ella, they will be taking lots of walks with her. Ella is one lucky little girl because her parents are the best match and as wonderful as they come.

When I asked mom and dad what they wanted to remember about this stage of their lives they said, "[We] want to remember the miracle Ella is. How much we prayed for her and appreciate our blessings." Wow. Such a powerful statement and a good reminder that babies are truly miracles. It can be so easy to wish away the newborn stage and just about every other hard stage, but I'm so grateful for this reminder to slow down and enjoy each stage because once upon a time we all prayed for the things we have now!

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