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Larkin Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Some moms go into labor fully prepared to take on childbirth unmedicated. Other moms go into labor knowing they want the epidural as soon as they can get it. And then you have moms like Jessica that don't have a choice because her baby comes into the world following the fast and furious method. Whether Jessica wanted the epidural or not, she couldn't get one because Larkin came into the world within an hour of her mom arriving at the hospital. She was ready to be earth side with her family, but I don't think they minded one bit (at least not once the labor was over!).

Larkin is the second sweet baby girl that I have in my studio recently that has a full head of beautiful hair. Both of her big brothers have blonde hair like their mom, but right now Larkin is a brunette like her dad. She also has pretty, captivating eyes that she kept showing me during our session and it made my heart melt. Larkin also did her fair share of sleeping and I was able to capture so many precious photos of her fresh newborn skin and features.

Larkin's older brothers, Liam and Graham, are ages 9 and 6 and even though they are a bit older, they love their little sister all the same. Liam has big blue eyes and blonde hair to compliment it. He is the life of the party always wanting to make others laugh and keep things fun. Graham has beautifully long eyelashes and the cutest little dimples like his mom. He loves to try and do everything his big brother does and he loves to sing to his little sister. He is the perfect middle child.

Jessica and Drew, mom and dad, have been married for almost 12 years and were together for 6 years before that. They are the real deal. Together they own their own company and as such, they get to work side by side. They love to travel and make life an adventure. As you've seen they have 3 really cute kiddos with Larkin being their grand finale.

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