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Emma Bingham Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Have you ever considered how miraculous conceiving, carrying and birthing a child really is? There are so many things that could go wrong at any point and yet there are babies born everyday. Emma is one of the babies that defied all odds to make it to earth which makes her exceptionally miraculous!

Jason and Ashley were told that Ashley would never be able to get pregnant without mexi al help. As many couples do, they decided to try IVF in hopes that they could have a baby of their own. IVF is complex and extensive and it takes a lot of commitment from a couple and especially from a woman. But a parent would do anything for their child even before they are born! So Ashley and Jason agreed IVF was right for them and prepared to start the process. Three days before their IVF start date, Ashley found out she was pregnant! It was a miracle that they were able to get pregnant without the help of infertility medication. You can understand how they feel about their sweet, Emma—she is their miracle.

Ashley and Jason have been married for 3 years. She is a second grade teacher (which makes her well equipped for motherhood) and he is a software engineer. They are incredibly laid back people who just enjoy spending time together. Their favorite date night is getting takeout and watching a movie. They also have dogs that they adore and love taking walks with. They are an incredible couple that I loved hanging out with and photographing. Their story is incredible and I was honored to capture their love and the love they have for their new miracle, Emma!

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