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Grady One Year Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

The Parkinson Family is dear to my heart! Over the last year I’ve gotten to watch their family grow. First with the birth of their youngest son, Grady, then I saw them last fall for a mini session, and now for Grady’s first birthday. How can he possibly be one already?!

Big sister Ellie is 5, almost 6 now! She is a girly girl through and through. She always wants to have her nails painted and pink is by far her favorite color. She has always been the best big sister to her little brothers and probably always will be. She has that motherly intuition and is so patient towards her brothers. So much about her is the same, but one of her new favorite things is Justin Bieber’s music. And she’s not even sorry about it. Get it? 😉

Kade is 3 years old now! As much as his big sister loves him, he loves her twice as much. He is tender hearted and will mimic your emotions, especially if it’s crying. Kade also loves his mom the very most and will snuggle her whenever he gets the chance. He wears his heart on his sleeve and it’s so sweet. The other side of Kade loves all things cars, trucks, and motercycles. He is the first to spot an emergency response vehicle when we hear sirens. He is so much fun and loved by everyone.

And then there is Grady! No longer a baby, but a toddler! According to his mom, Shayla, he is a terrible sleeper, but the happiest little guy lol during the day. He definitely has his mom wrapped around his finger and if we’re being honest, the rest of the family is right there with her! It’s hard not to swoon over Grady because he is a big flirt. He’s all about showing you his still toothless smile and giggling at you to try and win you over. Believe me, it totally works. He is as cute and sweet as they come!

Shayla and Sam are still the very best parents. They aren’t completely sure if Grady is the caboose of the family, but just in case, they are trying to soak in all the moments of every stage with their kiddos. They have loved watching their kids grow and be different and try to enjoy each stage of their lives even though some are more difficult than others. As kids grow, the life of a parent changes so much. Before you know it your kids are involved in sports, and play dates, and and school activities and they are home less and less. I’m with Shayla and Sam when it comes to wanting to remember kids while their little. Sometimes as a parent you wish you could freeze time and have your kids be little forever. I’m always hopeful that my photos do a little bit of that for people!


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