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Parkinson Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

The last time I photographed the Parkinson Family was for their son, Grady's, newborn photos. So much has changed since I saw them half a year ago. The first being how big baby Grady got in that time. He was the tiniest little newborn the last time I saw him, but he now has the the BIGGEST, CHUNKIEST, CUTEST cheeks I have ever seen! Can you even handle them?!?!?!! He has grown so much and I couldn't get enough of him! His big brother Kade is turning 3 this month and he has become a full on little boy. When I saw him at his brother's newborn photos he had the cutest curly locks, but this time he was missing the curls which broke my heart only a little. Big sister Ellie is still as beautiful as ever and with long golden curls and stunning green eyes.

As for their parents, Sam stayed the same, but Shayla changed in a big way! Her hair went form blonde to black and she looked stunning in her orange dress! It complimented the fall leaves perfecting and Shayla was truly beautiful! Hot mama alert!

Anyone who has been around here before knows that I'm a sucker for a dog that tags along with his/her humans to a session. So it shouldn't be a surprise that my favorite part of this session was the Parkison's pup! Imagine the calmest most photogenic dog you can and that was the Parkinson's dog. And then check out the photos for proof that I'm not lying! I couldn't have a imagined a better session with the Parkinsons and I'm so glad that I got to see them again and photograph the big changes in their family!

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