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Julia Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I think every mom has a different idea of what the perfect Mother's Day entails. Maybe some want a day filled with their kids and playing and fun. Others may want a day where they don't have to change a single diaper or make a single meal. Well this Mother's Day, Julia's mom got to give birth! Sweet Julia was born on May 9th with beautiful long eyelashes, long fingers and toes, and a full head of dark hair.

Julia, like all newborn babies, is growing and changing quickly. She was a few weeks old at our photoshoot and even by then her parents couldn't believe how much she had changed. Having your baby in your life and at home with you has a way of making time speed by. Jessica, Julia's mom, mentioned that it hadn't been very long, but she was already beginning to forget her pregnancy and even the impact of Julia's birth. Ricardo, Julia's dad, and Jessica really just wanted to remember the overwhelming love they feel whenever they look at their sweet baby girl and how tiny she was when she came into the world. It was so obvious to me during their session that they are full of nothing but love and gratitude for the opportunity to be Julia's parents.

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