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Lillywhite Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Talk about a girl gang! You have to be one lucky dad to have 4 cute daughters and a beautiful wife!

That beautiful wife is Jenna! While she claims that her girls are the wonderful ones, she is a wonderful mom to them. Her husband is an attorney and together they are both incredibly hard workers. And by incredibly hard I mean build your own house hard workers! I think it’s so impressive that people can do that! They also love to vacation and aren’t picky about the location. They love everything from beaches to snowmobiles! 7 years of being best friends and accomplishing all that they have together sounds pretty wonderful!

Clara is the oldest daughter. She is energetic and happy and everything you would want a big sister to be! Anne is the second oldest. She is the sweetest of the White children and has big beautiful brown eyes that are worth swooning over! Next is Georgia. She is two years old and darling. She will do anything for chocolate and gives the best hugs. Her family is lucky! The most recent addition to the Lillywhite Family is Anne. She is only four months old, but so easy to photograph! Four beautiful girls Just as fun as can be! Their parents adore them and they would be crazy not to!

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