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Talease & McKay Maternity Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Opposites attract. Talease and McKay are the poster couple for that slogan! McKay is a tall, redheaded, extrovert and his wife Talease is a short, quiet, introvert. Their personalities share very little similarities, but they work so perfectly together. When Talease was telling me about how her and McKay were unalike she said that she hoped their differences would allow their children to grow up in a house that gives them a lot of opportunities to try different things and be unique and true to themselves. I thought that was such a positive outlook on how differences can be celebrated and used for a couple's benefit.

Talease and McKay will soon be able to test their theory on differences creating opportunities for their kids. In the upcoming months they will be welcoming their first little one into their growing family. They have a optimistic attitude about parenthood and the big changes coming in the near future. McKay and Talease are thrilled to be having a baby, but they don't ever want to forget how much love they have for each other. They are a happy couple that truly love to spend time together.

While Talease and McKay patiently (or maybe impatiently) wait for baby's arrival, they muddle through the normal mundanes of life. When they get the chance to do something fun, they love to spend time taking walks together, going to the arcade, watching movies, and shopping. After spending time with this darling couple I know that no matter if they are in the mundane or the fun, they are always laughing together. Their little baby is so darn lucky to be getting such fun, energetic, happy parents. Stay tuned for their newborn session!

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