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The Scotti Miller Family - Logan, Utah Photographer

I don't have enough good things to say about Scotti Miller and her three kids. Scotti and I worked together years ago (let's pretend it was last year though 😉) at a specialized care facility and then we attended nursing school together at WSU. Go WILDCATS!! We haven't seen each other since we graduated 11 years ago (yup! we were in nursing school when we were 12) so this small reunion was so good.

Scotti has always been the most positive fun person to be with and she has the most infectious laugh and smile. All of her best qualities are emulated through her three kids and I loved to be around their little family.

I knew her oldest child, Chloe, when she was a baby. Since then, she has had two more kids, Maycee and Diesel. All three of her children are beautiful and handsome and, like I already pointed out, share Scotti's best qualities. Chloe, 13, is really artistic. She's into theatre and choir and is part of the student body for her class. She whipped up a gorgeous bouquet on the spot in between shots!! Maycee, 9, is a little more of a tom boy. She is super funny and loves to bike and/or scooter everywhere. Diesel, 7, is the happiest boy you'll ever meet. He loves to play video games, but also loves outdoor sports like soccer. I tried to convince him he should marry my daughter. but his heart is already set on someone else. Bummer. Each of the kids has their own special thing about them, but the one thing they have in common is their strength. Oh, and just how much their mom loves them!

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