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Mendon Mountain View - Locations - Logan, Utah Photographer - This location is currently closed

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

READ THIS FIRST: As of June 10, 2021 This location is shut down. Unfortunately it became over crowded and people were not being respectful of the land. There are hopes that it will become available to hikers, and photographers again, so I will not delete this post yet. But for now, this is not an option as a location.

There is a GORGEOUS spot in Mendon that has the most incredible view of the mountains. The mountains are covered with beautiful trees and there is a grass field in front. This location is very open which makes it perfect for families and extended family photos, but is great for any type of shoot. The Mendon Mountain View is located about 25 minutes southwest from the north Walmart (I like to use this Walmart as a point of reference). To get to the parking lot for this location you will need to drive on a slightly bumpy, but well maintained, dirt road for about .3 mile. From there, the photo spot requires a 50 foot walk on fairly flat ground. You will climb a small hill with about a 3 foot incline, but it is easily walkable for all ages.


One reason I love this spot so much is because it is beautiful in during all season. In the summer (July - early September) it almost feels like Hawaii because there are lush green trees covering the mountains.


Towards the end of August and into early September, the Mendon Mountain View turns a beautiful golden color. The grass begins to turn a beautiful ivory color and the trees on the mountains begin to change from green to fall colors.


The golden color doesn't last long. Around the last week of September through the first week of October, this location offers incredible fall colors! The fall season can be hard because the colors change quickly and it's a very popular spot for photographers, but all the photographers and clients are very considerate of each other and their time.


Winter is equally as beautiful as the rest of the seasons because there is a great mix of pine trees and naked/leafless trees. The green and brown contrast each other well and if you're lucky, you'll get a little bit of snow in the mountains.

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