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Weston Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Did you know that green is the rarest eye color? Followed by blue. Brown is the most common, but not in the Weston Family. The have two blue eyed beauties and one green eyed doll. Oh, and they're the most fun!

Oliver is one of the blue-eyed beauties I'm the Weston Family. He is 5 years old and smart as a whip. He took a minute to warm up to me, but I would like to think I won him over in the end! Oliver's smile is as big smile that makes you smile too. He loves all things Lego, Star Wars, and his sweet little sisters. Lennon has beautiful eyes like her big brother, but her eyes are green! She is spunky, friendly, silly, and outgoing! I was obsessed with her curly brown hair and big smile that she had no problem flashing me with for each photo. As a 2 year old her right of passage is to love Paw Patrol which she absolutely does. Emery is the baby of the family and she is 6 months old. Her mom says that she is the most calm baby as long as she is fed and I say Hallelujah to that! Calm babies are the best babies. Emery has perfectly plump cheeks, a sweet little grin, and big blue eyes like her big brother.

Cameron and Jamie have been married for almost 11 years. They compliment each other in regards to one being a little more high strung and one is a little more laid back. I'll keep you guessing who is who. 😊 They both love soccer and pickleball (seriously, if you haven't tried it yet, just give it a chance!). Cameron loves dirt bikes and tinkering with electronics which makes since because he is an Electrical Engineer. Jamie loves puzzles and word games and hiking when she can. The family spends as much time together as they can playing Legos (according to Oliver) and hiking in the mountains. The family as a whole radiates love for one another. They are so fun to be around and their joy is infectious.

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