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Elise & Brady Family Session- Logan, Utah Photographer

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

"I love it when a plan comes together."

-John "Hannibal" Smith

Where are my fellow A-Team lovers? This line from the A-Team perfectly describes my session with Elise and Brady! Picture this—Elise and Brady and their cute family plans to come on the second day of my mini sessions at the Cherry Blossoms. Last minute they have a conflict and they're unable to make it. Obviously we are all incredibly disappointed. Another day I have a full family session at the Cherry Blossoms and I decide to text Elise.... at 1:30pm that day and ask if they can come before my full session. At 2 pm, Elise says yes to my crazy proposal and four hours later we are at the Cherry Blossoms taking their family photos! I'm not sure how it came together, but thank goodness this plan did come together.

I think as adults (and parents) we can all feel an enormous amount of respect for Elise and Brady for getting themselves and their two kids ready with such short notice. That is not a small task when you have a two year old and a nine month old! After meeting Rowen (2 years old) and Ava (9 months old) it was pretty clear that they make parenting a fairly easy job and even when it's not easy, their cute smiles make up the difference! Maybe Elise and Brady wouldn't agree with me, but I hope they do!

Elise and Brady are a stunning couple! They have been together for three years and they're an amazing pair. I had so much fun with them (and their kiddos of course!). Both Elise and Brady love to be in the outdoors and it's something they love to do together and with their kids. I always love working with amazing, adventurous families like this one because they bring the fun with them!

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