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Bear Lake - Locations - Logan, Utah Photographer

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

*Please note, these locations have a travel fee*

If you are a family that loves beach photos, Bear Lake is just the spot for you. There are three different locations within Bear Lake that are beautiful for photos: Ideal Beach/Sweetwater, Garden City, and North Shore.


Ideal Beach, or Sweetwater, is a great beach location. The ideal time to start a session hear is one hour before sunset. It's a perfect spot for almost all types of sessions. Maternity photos are beautiful here, but it's also great for extended family sessions because it is an open area. You do have to be staying at one of the condos to have access to this beach.


Garden City offers a lot of variety for sessions. All the areas are accessible for free. There is a cute Beachwalk wooden plank path that is about 0.1 miles long that takes you to the beach. Once at the beach, there is a bathroom which makes this location perfect for families with little ones. During sessions at Garden City, I like to start with the backdrop of trees that you find on the beach, and as the session progresses, I turn my clients so that we can also get pictures with the lake in the background. It is best to start a session at Garden City anywhere from 1-1.5 hours before sunset or, if you're a morning person, a sunrise session is also perfect. If you do opt for the sunrise session, you mostly get the lake as the background of your photos due to the position of the rising sun.


North Shore is a gorgeous beach. It requires a small fee to into the area, but it is worth it. It can be crowded during the summer, but in almost every direction you will have the lake behind you. The backdrop of photos can range from just beach and lake and mountains to a wall of rocks with the lake and mountains behind. For the best light at North Shore, you will want to start your session 1 hour before sunset.

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