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Denzil Stewart Nature Park - Locations - Logan, Utah Photographer

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Denzil Stewart Nature Park is a friendly location for all. It is fully wheelchair and stroller accessible with a cement path all the way around the park that is kept shoveled during the winter. When you arrive, there is a short walk from the parking lot that will take you over a small bridge and to the open field.

This location is perfect for families big and small. There is a large wide open area that easily accommodates groups of all sizes. Denzil Stewart Nature Park features beautiful trees and a darling wooden fence.

It is about 10 minutes south of the north Walmart (my point of reference). I recommend starting 1-1.5 hours before sunset.


Denzil Stewart Nature Park is a beautiful place in the Spring. Everything is really green and the sunshine peeking through the trees gives the area a really warm, inviting vibe.


Summer and Spring at Denzil Stewart Nature Park are very similar. The grass at the park is watered with a sprinkler system which allows it to stay green through the seasons.


Starting in the Late September through the early weeks of October, fall strikes Cache Valley. Denzil Stewart Nature Park becomes beautifully golden during this time The leaves become shades of orange and yellow and the grass starts to look like wheat.


If you are looking for a beautiful open area with snow, this is the location for you! During the winter season, you will be able to find areas that are snow covered as well as areas that have a beautiful contrast of white snow and golden grass.

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