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Beverly & Christian Engagement Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I don’t do weddings very often, but when I do I somehow get the cutest clients! Beverly (Bev) and her fiancé, Christian (Chris) are getting married this year and it was so fun to kick the year off with their engagement photos!

Bev and Chris are one of those couples that prove second chances are real. The pair originally met when they were in 5th grade! That’s age 10-11! They were best friends through their high school years, but never dates. After graduation, they lost touch with one another and lived their separate lives. Last year they reconnected and the rest, as they say, is history! Over the years they have felt as though they were each others’ missed opportunity, but they’ve been given a second chance and they’re not missing it this time!

It was obvious to me during our session that Chris only has eyes for Bev. Which is really good, because Bev’s favorite feature about Chris is he dark blue eyes! This is a couple that has a lot of fun together no matter what they are doing. If they had a choice, they would be outside camping or hiking, but they honestly just love to be together no matter when or where. Especially if their little boy, Mack, is involved! I hope that they always remember that life is packed with those simple moments together and they are special when they come around! Life gets busy, but being together is what makes that life worth living!

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