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Dewitt Picnic Area - Logan Canyon - Locations - Logan, Utah Photographer

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

*Please wear bug spray. There are some mosquitoes. Not horrible, but enough that bug spray is nice*

I recently discovered a new location that is a gem! It's called Dewitt Picnic Area. It's a beautiful place that is perfect for families with children because it's a great location for sessions a little bit earlier in the evening. Gorgeous lighting at Dewitt Picnic Areas starts anywhere from 3-3 1/2 hours before sunset. Anything 1-2 hours before sunset in not as recommended because the location becomes completely shaded.

Dewitt Picnic Area is about 10 minutes up Logan Canyon. Not too far up the canyon, you will lose complete cell service. If this is the location you choose, make sure you have navigation on maps before you leave. When you arrive at Dewitt Picnic Area, you will find a dirt parking lot. The photo shooting locations are within 200 feet of the parking lot the entire time.

At this location there is a clean and flushing toilet. There is also a beautiful river at Dewitt Picnic Area and if you wanted to make a family activity after photos, there are tables and fire pits available to the public.


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