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Cake Smash Sessions - Logan, Utah Photographer

A fun tradition for a baby's first birthday is to give them a cake and have them smash it (or that's the hope anyway!). While this is often part of a baby's first birthday party, it's also really nice to have some photos taken of your child smashing a cake in a more relaxed setting without so many pairs of eyes watching them in anticipation. Which is why I offer cake smash sessions in my home studio.

There are two choices when scheduling your cake smash session. You can choose to do a 20 minute session which allows time for up to two outfit changes or you can choose a 1 hour session which allows for up to four outfit changes. If you choose the 1 hour session, I recommend no more than three different outfits. While you are allowed four, it's important to remember that the more often you change your child's outfit, the more overwhelmed your little one may become.

A cake smash session in my home studio has a minimalistic lifestyle feel. During the session we can use any of the props I have including buckets, boxes, and chairs. If you want certain decorations in the photos or if you have a theme in mind, you are welcome to bring additional items with you to our session. And of course, a cake smash wouldn't be complete without the cake. I work closely with a wonderful woman that makes cakes and I am able to order and have cakes delivered from her to my home studio. This option is an additional fee, but I have found that it relieves the parents of some stress. You are also welcome to bring your own cake to our session. With either option I recommend choosing a simple cake flavor that your child will enjoy. I also recommend staying away from red color frosting. No one wants their one year old to look like they are covered in blood. Some 1 year olds won't want to smash the cake, but in my experience, little one's enjoy their cake smash much more if they enjoy the taste of the cake.

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