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Ty McArthur Milestone Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

If I take photos of your newborn, please bring them back to me for their milestone sessions! If I don't take photos of your newborn, please bring your baby to me for their milestone sessions! I have so much fun at milestone sessions no matter the age. This particular session was for one of my newborns, Ty. We celebrated him turning half a year old with some of the most darling photos.

When Ty was in my home studio for his newborn photos, he shared his older siblings dark brown hair and hair dark eyes to accompany it. He had squishy cheeks, but thin newborn features. When I recently saw him at 6 months old, he had a full head of blonde hair and his eyes, while big and bold had lightened a lot! He was chunky and showing off rolls all over! It will never cease to amaze me just how much can change about a baby in 6 short months.

Ty is the happiest little 6 month old. He made some really cute faces for me and my cute aggression kicked in making me want to eat him up (and yes, cute aggression is real—just look it up!). I couldn't get enough of his chubby cheeks and plump physique. One of my favorite parts of his milestone session was carrying on a McArthur family tradition and taking photos of Ty in a cloth diaper. Ty's dad, grandpa, uncles, and boy cousins have all had their picture taken in this cloth diaper on a white backdrop. it was so fun creating that special image for their family to help carry on the tradition.

I'm hoping I get to keep photographing this cute boy for all his milestones! It was such a pleasure to see him and his family again!

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