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Capree and Jersee Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

The Shulsen Family already had three of the most beautiful daughters I have ever seen and last month they added two more. TWIN GIRLS!

I met Chelsee (mom) a few years ago at the temple. She was there with her daughter looking for their photographer and I was there looking for my clients. We weren't there for each other, but we sat and connected while we waited. We later followed each other on Instagram and I was so excited when her and her husband announced they were having twins. And then she asked me to take their newborn photos and I was elated! All five of the Shulsen daughters are complete angels and made this session so easy for me. The oldest, Journee, is 10. She is clearly the best big sister and is so sweet and caring. She made an AMAZING assistant during the posed portion for these sweet twins! Finlee, age 7, is incredibly photogenic and the life of the party in her family. It was obvious to me that Indee, age 2.5, admired her big sisters immensely and now has a deep love for her new little sisters. Capree and Jersee were born on March 21st. They are the sweetest, smallest, cutest identical girls!

Can you believe this girl gang?! Through the entire session each of the girls were so sweet and incredibly well behaved. I couldn't help but think how lucky their dad was to have five amazing daughter and one stunning wife. When he was asked what his favorite things about the girls were, he answered these simple things: "[I love] Chelsee's heart, Journee's love towards others, Finlee's personality, and Indee's boss little self." I think it's clear that this dad knows just how lucky he is to be a girl dad!

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