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Tippets Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

The Tippets Family is the epitome of family goals! From mom and dad to their youngest child, they are absolutely wonderful. Mom and dad have been married for 13 years and they are such a fun couple! She is social and creative and he is a people person that can make anyone laugh. As you can imagine, together they have a lot of fun. Their 3 beautiful kids are the best parts of both of them. As a family they love all the fun things including, but not limited to Disneyland and Hawaii.

The oldest Tippet child, and only boy, is Branson. He is the best big brother to his little sisters and a big helper for his parents. He loves sports with his favorite being basketball closely followed by golf and then anything with wheels. Then there is the sweetest middle child, Raegan. She has the most beautiful hair and the cutest little freckles. She's kind and caring to all and loves to look out for other people. She's the kind of girl that you want as a friend because she will always have your back. The person she cares for the most is her little sister, Kennedy. Kennedy is known as the grand finale of her family. And they honestly couldn't have gotten a better one. She loves to make people laugh and has the biggest, cheesy grin.

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