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Dominic Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I have been blessed to experience a lot of fun through photography over the years. I have experienced many different families, traditions, keepsakes, etc. My recent newborn session provided an opportunity for me that I hadn't ever experienced in my years as a photographer. The sweet baby I was fortunate enough to photograph had an whole entourage with him. He had all four of his grandparents at the session. I know what you're thinking...why is that worth mentioning? Well, let me tell you. The baby's paternal grandparents live in India! Now you see why it was such a cool experience for me. It was a first in my book to have clients that live an entire ocean away.

Abhishek is from India. Two years ago he married Brittany and they now live in Logan. He is an engineer and Brittany works in psych nursing. Abhishek is incredibly outgoing while Brittany tends to be more of a homebody. With that being said, she has traveled a lot in her life and the two of them love to ski together. Unfortunately (but also fortunately...) Brittany was pregnant this winter which limited her ability to enjoy her favorite winter sport. Now that their sweet boy, Dominic, is here, sitting out the ski season seems totally worth it!

Dominic is a very loved little baby. It was really fun to watch his grandmother's ooh and ahh over her the whole session. He is responsible for bringing two families, half a world a part, together. Dominic's Grandmother from India brought some beautiful family heirlooms with her for our session. The items included a gorgeous ring, a bracelet, a silver spoon, and two amazing rattles. The spoon was used by Abhishek to eat from when he was a toddler and has now been passed on to Dominic. In addition, the rattles first belonged to Dominic's Grandfather, then his dad, Abhishek, and now they are Dominics. It was so cool to have the family connections during our session and to be able to capture three generations of people and herilooms.

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