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Max Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

In my early years as a photographer, neutrals on neutrals and white on white weren't exactly my style. I have come to my senses since then and realized that those creamy colors are dreamy in my eyes. I love them and I recommend them to all my families of newborns (see my style guide for more information). When Annie reached out to me with these words, "I am a big lover of neutrals!," I knew we were going to get along just fine. I also knew her session was going to turn out to be a favorite of mine!

Annie and her husband Taylor, welcomed their first child in April. They have been together for 9 years and celebrated their one year wedding anniversary in June. Some may think that a couple's lives can become mundane when it is just the two of them day after day, year after year, but just the opposite is true for Annie and Taylor. Annie described them as an adventurous couple. They love spending time at home with family and their dogs, but they also love to go camping, fishing, and exploring in new places. Her exact words were "we [are] adventurous home bodies." Finding new things to do and new places to see has made Annie and Taylor love every day together. In their eyes, life together gets better with each passing day.

Now Annie and Taylor have started a new adventure together: parenting. Max was just 10 days old when he came to my studio and he still smelled of that intoxicating baby scent. He was the perfect little bundle with soft, brown hair and smooth newborn skin. He occasionally graced me with showing me his deep blue eyes and he let out the sweetest cry every now and again, but mostly he just slept the session away and his peaceful face was perfect.

I loved the sweet reminder from Annie that everyday can feel like absolute bliss when you're with your people. After 9+ years together Annie still has the most beautiful outlook on life with her husband and now that they have a little baby, they are having even more fun together as a little family. I'm wishing them all the very best as they take on this new adventure together.

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