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Oscar Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I love when I get to help other people that are usually helping me. In this case, I was able to take newborn photos for Melissa who works at the salon where I get my hair done! She is a an esthetician and one of the best in the Cache Valley! Her sweet baby boy Oscar, or Ozzy, made his entrance into the world 5 WEEKS early. Even being born at 35 weeks, he tipped the scales at 5 pounds 15 ounces and 19 inches long! An incredibly healthy baby that you would never guess was a preemie!

Hugo is the proud big brother of Ozzy! He is 7 years old and after asking his mom for the last 4 years if he could have a baby brother, he is happy to finally have one. In addition to loving Oscar, Hugo also loves to ski, play baseballs, mountain bike, and swim. He is an athletic little guy with a wild, tender heart. I think if you asked him, he is a kid that would tell you the best things in life are worth waiting for. It definitely showed in the way he handled and looked at his new little brother!

After 17 years of being in love, Melissa and Tannen finally ended up together. They got engaged in July 2021 and then got to welcome their sweet baby Oscar in February 2022. They are a fun, adventurous couple that do it all from skiing to hiking to fishing. As I mentioned, Melissa is one of the best estheticians in the valley! Tannen is a carpenter/contractor. They are incredibly fun to be around and it was amazing watching them interact with their boys. Melissa said she never wanted to forget this time of their lives when their boys became a family. 17 years in the making for Melissa and Tannen to become a family and 7 years in the making for Hugo and Oscar to become family. It was truly special to see bond this sweet family has.

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