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Farar Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I spend a lot of my time working with tiny newborns and their young families, but I always love the chance to work with families that have teenage children and older. The Farar Family was just that—their youngest child is 13 and they don't gave any grandchildren yet so it was an evening of teenagers and adults only. And it was so fun! We spent the entire session laughing and enjoying one another's company.

Up until last year, the Farar Family was living in Phoenix Arizona. They lived there for 20 years before making the drastic change to the cold mountains of Logan, Utah. Darren and Cody have been married for 24 years! Darren is an engineer with a hard working, stay busy personality. Cody works for Vista Healthcare and has a more laidback, easy going personality. She loves to be planning a fun trip during her free time and I honestly can't think of a better use of down time. Together, Darren and Cody have four children: 3 girls and 1 boy. It was so fun to spend time with all of them because the kids get along so well.

Kennadie is the oldest in the Farar Family. She is a model in front of a camera and loves to have her photo taken which made me really love her! She is married to Brandon who fits like a glove into the family. He teases his sister-in-laws the perfect amount and if you didn't know better, you would think he had always been a part of the family. Danny is the second oldest in the family and is the fun age of 18. His mom told me that the spot where we took photos was were Danny went to open his mission call. I am so excited for him as he steps into the next season of his life! Ashley is sweet 16. She has the biggest and best smile that I could photograph all day. She is a lover of animals and is a star on the soccer field. The baby of the family is Brooklynn. She is much cuter than I ever was at age 13 and has a fun personality that only a teenager can posses. She is a bookworm with the sweetest temperament mixed with a little bit of stubbornness.

On a fun day as a family, the Farars like to go to the beach (my kind of people!). They are in a fun stage as a family where one child is married, one is leaving on a mission, and the youngest two are in the prime of their childhood. My favorite part about working with the Farar Family's the absolute outward love they all had for each other. It was palpable and beautiful and gave me all the feels.

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