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Stauffer Family Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Do you know what makes the best birthday or Christmas gift? Family photos. For many years, Tresa has wanted to get updated family photos, but it never worked out due to members of the family moving in and out of Cache Valley. For Christmas 2021, the Stauffer's gifted Tresa the one thing she has really wanted for the last few years and the whole gang got together to capture some memories.

Tresa and her husband, Scott, are Grandma and Grandpa to one of my newborns, Oliver. The Stauffer Family is Oliver's dad's family. His dad, Nicholas, is one of four kids. His wife's name is Mary and Oliver is their pride and joy. It was so fun to see their little family again and to see how much Oliver has grown since his newborn session with me.

Nicholas' older sister, Jessica, has three of her own joys: Nixon, Jackson, and Mia. Each one is a blondie like their mom and they all share her beautiful blue eyes. Each one was darling and they all had sweet personalities.

Breanne is the third child in the Stauffer family. She is married to Victor and together they have two toddlers, Taiden and Kyton. Taiden had big, deep blue eyes and his little brother Kyton had the same big eyes but they were brown. In some ways the brothers looked like little clones of each other, but Taiden had a big personality while Kyton was a little more reserved.

The baby of the family Stauffer Family is Alex. He may be the youngest but he is also the tallest which has to make him feel pretty good.

Tresa and Scott met in high school. They have been together for 33 years and have an amazing life to show for it. I'm sure they would agree that their greatest accomplishment together is their children and now their grandchildren. Having all their children and grandchildren in Cache Valley at the same time is a rare occasion, but when they do get together they love to camp and fish and play a lot of board games. Since they are rarely all together in the valley, it was so fun to capture this time of their lives for them. Hopefully their family photos will bring back fond memories for years to come.

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