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Jace Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Another one of my favorite clients brought me the cutest, newest baby boy. Matt and Kami first came to my studio when their daughter Emma was born. They came again when Emma was one and it feels like a dream that I get to photograph their newest addition, Jace. I love watching my clients kids grow up and it's so fun to photograph all the different stages of their lives.

Emma is now a big two year old with a really fun personality. Like any two year old she has big emotions the biggest being happy! She is a ball of energy and so much fun to be around. She is thrilled about being promoted to big sister and loves to talk about her brother to anyone and everyone. And Jace is worth talking about. He is a tiny little guy with the cutest features my favorite being his lips! He was such an angel during our photoshoot and slept so well. We were able to get so many wonderful photos to capture this newborn phase that doesn't last long at all.

Matt and Kami are so lucky to have their two adorable kiddos. They have been married for 3 years and Kami said they were just starting to enjoy the little amount of sleep they were getting now that Emma is two. There is nothing quite like starting over with the no sleep once you're finally starting to remember how great sleep really is! But despite the sleepless nights and thankless hours of being a parent, Matt and Kami wanted these newborn photos so that they could remember these fleeting moments when Jace is a baby. If there is one thing the parent of a toddler knows, it's how fast little ones grow up. I know the feeling all too well myself and I'm so glad I get to help freeze time for other families!

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