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Jack Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I've realized something about myself. I say "this is such a sweet family" A LOT. I honestly can't help it because it's true. I work with some of the very best people and families and for that very reason, I love my job as a photographer. The Collom Family was another family that was so sweet and easy to work with.

Annie and Casey are high school sweethearts. They are a really fun match that, from the outside looking in, seem very different, but they share something so special. It's amazing. Casey is a big hunter. Hunting animals, shed hunting...anything outdoors! Hunting is not for Annie though. While she will go shed hunting with Casey, she prefers to stay home when it's time to hunt the actual animals. Annie is a Utah and Idaho Esthetician and lash artist. She is so good at what she does and it's no surprise that she showed up to our session with thee. best. lashes. Both Annie and Casey are really laid back and go with the flow kind of people which made their session incredibly easy.

Annie and Casey now have two little ones. Myla is 4 years old and was recently promoted to big sister. She is a darling little girl with beautiful long blonde hair that her mom styled adorably for the photos. Myla was shy, but sweet and gave me some really big smiles and laughs. She love, love, loves having a little brother which is hopefully how it will stay.

Jack is the newest member of the family and is adored by them all. He has the best jet black hair and showed me plenty of his cute newborn eyes during our session. But he also slept like an angel during some moments and only cried a few times. He has all the perfect newborn features and I might have gotten carried away with how many detail photos I took of him. I don't regret a thing.

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