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Lincoln Moody Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

Gender neutral names. Are you here for them? When I think of Blake Lively, I almost never considered that her name is typically a “boy name.” She just is her name and it totally fits her. When it comes to naming a baby, a couple can feel a lot of pressure. I mean, that baby grows up with that name and is stuck with it unless they want to do a lot of paperwork! But the beauty of it is, the name you give your child is who they are. They just are that name and people don’t think twice about it. Just like people don’t think twice about Blake Lively having a boy name. Kristie and Alex gave their sweet little girl a name that she will become and people won’t think twice about: Lincoln.

I had the pleasure of going to high school with Alex. It was so fun to see him and photograph the newest addition to the Moody Family. Alex does a lot of things, but one of the coolest is knife making. You can see for yourself at @amknifemaking on Instagram. He mostly makes chefs knives and hunting knives and they are all amazing! His darling wife Kristie is a Dental Lab Tech, a dog mom, and now mom to sweet little Lincoln! She’s Alex’s better half and stunning at that.

Lincoln is the sweetest little newborn. She slept like an angel during our session and kept scrunching her tiny, thin eyebrows. It was such a cute look! She has the most beautiful features and look adorable in all outfits she wore! I was really excited to try my homemade swing prop with her and loved how it turned out. I give all credit to cute Lincoln and not to my own work. Lincoln was a dream to photograph and it was so fun to see a familiar face in my studio.

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