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Urban Crowther Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

When kids are little, their parents are their entire world. The immediate forgiveness a child gives to their parents has always amazed me. It’s as if their parents can do no wrong. Children have an unconditional love for their parents that cannot be described. That’s what Kelsie and Brandt want to remember most about this stage of their lives.

Kelsie and Brandt have been married for almost 8 years. Together they now have 4 kids—1 sweet girl, and 3 darling boys. As a couple they enjoy quiet moments of relaxation which I’m sure seem few and far between with their 3 big kids and little newborn. But with or without kids, spending time together will always be at the top of their favorite things list.

Blaiklee is the big sister of the family. She is almost 5 and is the perfect mix of sweet and shy. She loves her 3 little brothers and they are all lucky to have her! Tatum is a very fun 3. His mom claims he can be rough, but I only saw the tender heart of a toddler in him. Drake is 1.5 and as feisty as they come. He is extra special in his family because he is the only one with blue eyes. And I’m here to tell you they are so beautiful! Something about a sweet blue-eyed babe will never get old!

The current caboose and newest addition to the family is Urban. He has hair so blonde you could consider him bald. He is also thin and tiny in the very best way. Urban graced us with being awake for some of our session and awake or sleep he was truly wonderful. I couldn’t get enough of his sweet disposition. The thing I loved most was how loved he was by all of his family. He is a lucky little guy.

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