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Olivia Ann Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

If I had to chose what I love most about my job, working with newborns takes the prize. This week I had the cutest little newborn girl and her family in my at-home studio and I fell in love.

The Sanchez Family was so fun to get to know. Kaitlin and Kody (Mom and Dad) are the best kind of introverts. Staying home to hang out or watch a good movie is usually their first choice, but they also love mountain biking barbecuing, and traveling. They met because Kaitlin dated three of Kody’s roommates in college. After she gave Kody a chance, it didn’t take long for them to get married (6 months!). A true testament of when you know, you know! Now they have been married for four years and have two darling kids: Damon and Olivia.

Damon was born just two days after his parents first wedding anniversary. He turned three in June and I saw no sign of the ’three’nager stage. In fact, he was a really relaxed and calm toddler. He was a little shy with me at first, but I eventually won him over and when I did, he gave me some really sweet smiles. Like most newly promoted big siblings I work with, Damon was meant to be a big brother. He adores his new baby sister and the two of them together was a sweet sight.

Olivia was so easy to photograph. She happily slept through most of the session and at the end she graced me with her beautiful big eyes. She has the perfect amount of brown hair and looked so cute in her little white bow. Her tiny, plump cheeks looked so kissable and I am certain they frequently are. Everything about this sweet newborn was perfect and I was so happy to have her and her family in my studio!

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