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Wellsville Valley/Mountains - Locations - Logan, Utah Photographer

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

*Please wear bug spray. There are some mosquitoes. Not horrible, but enough that bug spray is nice*

The Wellsville Valley/Mountains location is different than the Mendon Mountain View, but has an INCREDIBLY similar look. Located 3o minutes south from the north Walmart. There is a flushing toilet. It is a bit of a walk and one that I do NOT recommend for strollers or anyone with questionable balance. The walk takes about 15 minutes and will require an 300-500 feet uphill walk. I recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes to get to the photo location and then changing into your photo shoes when you get there. I have had pregnant moms and little kids make the walk, so don't be scared away from this pretty location by the walk! There is cell service but you will not be able to see your car from the photo location. The perfect time to start at Mendon Valley is 1.5-2 hours before sunset.


At the end of July and in the middle of summer, Wellsville Valley/Mountain is beautifully green and golden. The trees on the mountain side are still green and the grass in the valley is a pretty green/golden color. It's a perfect spot to get a little variety in your colors.


In mid-August, Wellsville Valley/Mountain is still beautiful. The green is a little less luscious and full, but still present in the mountains in the trees. The grass in the valley is still a green golden color and offers a little color variation.


The end of September brings the beginning of fall and the start of those amazing fall colors. This is when the fall leaves peak at their color and any later than October is not ideal for Wellsville Valley/Mountain. The fall colors disappear and everything becomes dead. So if you are looking for fall mountains, Wellsville Valley/Mountain the last few weeks of September is just right for you!

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