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Mila Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

It's not often I have a newborn baby with a full head of hair in my studio. Most babies have a thin layer of hair, some are even bald, but a full head of hair is so fun!! Sweet Mila is one of those rare babies. She came into my studio with jet black hair and I was obsessed from the moment I saw her. She was also the chunkiest little baby which I adore. Her mom said she was 9 lbs 3 oz and I'm hear to tell you, most of that weight could be found in her cheeks! Photographing this sweet newborn was a dream.

When Mila was born, she made Maelie a big sister! Maelie is 3 years old and so much fun! She was one of the most well behaved 3 year olds I've ever seen and she loved being in front of the camera. Just like her little sister, she has jet black hair, but her hair is long, long, long! It was beautiful. And complimented so well by her darling dimples and almond shaped eyes. She clearly loves being a new big sister and is so excited about her new role.

Mila and Maelie have some of the world's most laid back parents. Mom is outgoing, dad is a little more quiet, but they are definitely the parental jackpot! They are high school sweethearts that have been together for 12 years. She is a family advocate and her husband owns a detailing business. Their little girls are their miracle babies that they love dearly. Spending time with them and the rest of their family is their number one priority and with daughters as beautiful as Mila and Maelie, who can blame them?

This little family had it all. The love, the looks, the sweet personalities. They were a dream to work with and I still can't believe I was lucky enough to do so!

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