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Ella Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

THIS FAMILY. Was I totally smitten with the cute red hair that mom and brother had? Yes. Yes I was. Everything about the color and lighting of this session had me swooning. And the love oozing from this family?! Everything came together perfectly and I still can't get over it!

Sweet newborn Ella was welcomed into the hatch family by her big sister Evie and big brother Ollie. Evie and Ollie are 4 year old twins that are in love with their new little sister. They love to kiss and talk to her and it's truly sweet to watch. Both of the twins are rambunctious and loving and so similar, but also so different. Evie is a peacemaker and will give things up for her brother. She is incredibly intelligent and looks for fun even if it means breaking the rules once or twice. Ollie has the cutest red hair that I already mentioned swooning over. He loves construction and diggers and telling stories. He has a fierce love for his family and has the best smile!

And now there is Ella. She has dark hair which surprised the entire family. So far she is a very mellow and calm baby with a very smiley demeanor. She is a perfect edition to the Hatch family.

Billy and Jessie, mom and dad, have been married for 9 years. Their three beautiful kiddos are the light of their lives. Billy works as an electrical engineer at a space dynamics lab and Jessie is a pediatric dietitian. As a family they love to go out together whether that's at a restaurant, to a play, to the movies, or the great outdoors. But mostly Billy and Jessie spend all their time chasing their kids around and trying to nap when they can. I think all parents understand that feeling! They're just trying to soak up this stage of life before it's over. It's hard, but joyful and Jessie is seeking to always find her joy among the chaos.

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