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Noah Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

I cannot emphasize enough how much I love a newborn baby. Especially a newborn baby with a round squishy face and plump cheeks. Which is exactly what I got with sweet baby Noah. His mom, Jen, told me that Noah LOVES to eat, so the chunky cheeks and squishy features check out. He also has the sweetest baby features including, but not limited to, his perfect lips, nose, and eyelashes. When it comes down to it, Noah is the cutest baby.

Noah has two older siblings, Luke and Sadie. Luke is one of the sweetest and happiest 5 year olds I have ever met. He loves Star Wars, Mario, and Legos. He has the biggest, and arguably the most infectious, smile. His 3 year old sister, Sadie, finds puts him toward the center of her life and follows him around constantly. She too radiates a contagious smile. Sadie's interests include Luke and everything he loves, her dad, Ben, Paw Patrol, and the color pink. She is outgoing and full of energy that I wish I could borrow for a day or two. She is now the proudest big sister and takes her new role very seriously.

Ben and Jen have been married for 10 years and have so much to show for it, including their three beautiful children. They are the coolest couple that live for the experiences in life including, but not limited to, traveling and going to concerts together. But there are times in their more day-to-day life when they like to stay home or go to the park with their kids and enjoy the little moments they are given. At this stage of their lives they are just trying to remember that even though life can be overwhelming, there is so much laughter and happiness surrounding them.

Working with the Jensen Family was a blessing for me. At the end of the session I sat down to edit the photos and realized I had more photos then I knew what to do with. But I really couldn't help myself! The Jensens were so easy to work with and our time together was seamless and smooth and went by quickly. I'm grateful to continually have the best clients.

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