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Macie Newborn Session - Logan, Utah Photographer

It is always so fun to me when I get to photograph a newborn baby and then several years later I get to photographer their little sibling! Sweet newborn Macie was in my studio the other day for our session with her big brother Luke. Luke is now 15 months old, but I photographed him as a newborn too! He has (obviously) changed so much since then and it was fun to see how big he has become. Like a boy, he loves all things balls and tractors. His favorite place to be is outside and he will make a run for any open door that will get him there. He is so kind and gentle with his new little sister and fills the big brother shoes well!

Macie was born at the beginning of February. She is so calm and content and made my job as easy as possible. Opposite of her brother, she has dark brown hair and it is full! I never feel like a baby looks much like one parent or the other when they are born, but it’s obvious that Macie will grow up to be as beautiful as her mom! For now she is just the cutest little newborn with beautiful features.

Jacquelin and Ben are both hard workers. Ben works for Mountain State Oil Seeds full time and Beam Lending part time as a mortgage loan officer. Jacquelin works as a processor for Beam Landing, but she is lucky enough to work from home! They have been married for 4 years and enjoy any opportunity to be outside. As parents of two under two, they try and enjoy all the small, quiet moments that happen between the chaos of life. Jacqueline specifically said she wants to remember that at this stage of life, she wants to remember that it’s okay to have a dirty house and kids with messy faces because these moments don’t last forever. We didn’t capture any dirty house or faces in these photos, but we manage to capture just how deep this family’s love runs!

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